Between the years of 1997-2006, we owned a national repair company that was later sold to a company in California. We have worked with multiple mortgage companies over the last five years as a mortgage originator.

B2B Investments LLC, is committed to making better lenders and stronger buyers by focusing on buying real estate, flipping houses, renting, acquiring assets, and building portfolios. We owned one of the largest section 8 housing at 174 units between the years of 2004-2009. We have also been featured on an episode of Flip This House: New Orleans as the contractor.

By taking some of the non-income generating properties in impoverished neighborhoods and flipping them, we were able to turn them into profitable, livable investments. We have also developed a software that focuses on credit and creating stronger buyers along with acquiring and liquidating real estate assets by focusing on what the individual portfolio needs. We are focused on meeting your every realty need from loan to close.